So Why Is It All About Poppers

Why not?

Poppers are an exciting and safe enhancement to thousands of people’s lives – and have been for over fifty years. Ask the experts. The experts are not on the government Christmas card list, but then the U S Congress has banned the sale of some of these compounds, as unsafe.

The United States Congress banned these compounds despite universal agreement on their safety as a prescription drug or as nitrite-based room odorants, often misused as inhalants. But the U.S. Government’s own agencies agreed that these products are at least as safe as aspirin – and essentially safer.

And obviously safer than alcohol, cigarettes or bacon.

Though these products were banned, the truth prevails, as it always does.

Are Poppers Really Safe?

Why shouldn’t we use poppers to enhance our sex lives?

According to what various experts have said, there’s apparently very little reason to not use them.

Unless you drink it. Or pour it on your skin. Or put your cigarette out in it. Yes, it HAS been done. It’s all been done before.

If it gives you a headache or you can’t get an erection, open the window and take a deep breath.

(WARNING: Pfizer, the makers of Viagra, warn against mixing poppers and Viagra!)

In fact, the headache caused by excessive consumption is considered part of the safety of these compounds. This is the body’s way of saying you’ve had too much and it’s time to get some fresh air. It’s really that simple.

In rare cases, individuals may experience ‘syncope’.

Syncope is defined as a ‘transient lose of consciousness’ which ‘can occur in sensitive persons kept in a static upright position’ after inhalation.

This is the reason there have been no cases of intoxication. The chances of fainting are very slight, and the chances of fainting and remaining upright insignificant – nearly impossible.

In the unlikely even you should feel sick, lie down. But what reasonable adult needs to be told that?

The Joy of Poppers

So why then is it all about poppers?

For starters, the ultimate orgasm. Shooting off to the stars for a serene moment or two. In one beautiful word: vasodilation. In approximately two to three minute durations.

One is the lonliest number that you’ll ever know? Not with poppers! You and poppers, and some great porn, are the perfect combination for the safest sex possible! You’ll get some of the best orgasms ever with a good video or magazine and a bottle of RUSH in your hand.

Nothing for the ladies? Wrong. They love it, too. Listen to this eulogy.

RUSH Recreates the World’s Greatest Lovers!

It’s all about poppers because it’s been shown to be among the safest and most pleasurable compounds the world has ever seen.

According to many researchers, products like RUSH are the closest thing to a true aphrodisiac that exists today!

Emma Rodriguez